Sedation Dentistry

Paige Prather Smiles

Sedation Dentistry

Paige Prather Smiles

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Sedation Dentistry – Franklin, TN

Comfortable, Relaxed Dental Care

Each year, millions of patients report avoiding dental visits due to fear or anxiety. This can be a rational fear stemming from a traumatic dental experience or an irrational phobia caused by an unpleasant sound, smell, or feeling when visiting the dental office. At Paige Prather Smiles, we go above and beyond to make sure you are free from stress and pain throughout your time in our dental office. For those patients in need of added help relaxing during dental procedures, we also offer sedation dentistry in our Franklin, TN dental office. We may recommend sedation for anxious patients as well as those with any of the following concerns:

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Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

One of the oldest forms of sedation still in use, nitrous oxide is a gas inhaled through a nasal mask. Easily adjusted throughout treatment, the sedative effects of nitrous oxide take hold quickly, so we’ll be able to maintain your optimal level of comfort throughout treatment. Easily adjusted during even the most complex procedures, nitrous oxide will keep you relaxed and free from pain. Best of all, nitrous oxide sedation wears off just as quickly as it sets in. That means, you can go right back to your daily activities and even drive yourself home from your appointment.

Oral Conscious Dental Sedation

Patients with severe dental anxiety may want to consider oral conscious sedation. This form of sedative is administered via prescription pill taken about an hour prior to your appointment, so you’ll start to relax before you ever leave home. You’ll need to have a friend drive you to the dental office, and by the time you arrive, you’ll already be feeling more relaxed. Throughout treatment, you’ll be alert enough to respond to questions, but you will likely not remember much of your visit. Following treatment, you’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you home. You should relax and recover for at least twelve hours before resuming your daily activities.

Intravenous Dental Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is the deepest form of dental sedation we offer at Paige Prather Smiles. Dr. Prather had to undergo years of additional training in the administration of IV sedation as well as monitoring vitals and performing emergency interventions when necessary. Our team is one of the few to offer IV sedation. Administered through an IV, this sedative is fast acting and easily adjustable like nitrous oxide, but the resulting level of sedation is much deeper and longer lasting than even oral conscious sedation. Following treatment, a friend or family member should drive patients home and monitor their recovery for the first twelve hours following treatment.

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